Hello world!

We’ve begun a school website! I know, what?! It began in order to facilitate J.R.S. Myers’ (yes, that J.R.S.) Yetsirah School of Life Magazine digital edition. This past year he’s been working hard at bringing shape and definition to that project and he is now taking it online to be able to include even more fun.

In the process of bringing his magazine to life, we realized this was an opportunity for all of us to embark on a new learning adventure together. We couldn’t have done so without J.R.S. & Jay. Jay has been holding WordPress tutorials for us and one step at a time we’re ready to begin building. We’re excited!

If you are a family member or friend, and you’d like to get access to the magazine shoot me an email and I’ll send you access!

If you are not a family member or personal friend and you have stumbled across us, we hope our blog will be a helpful resource to you.

– Raynna

P.S. Have you been following The Green Ember series by S.D. Smith like we have? The last book, Ember’s End, was de-light-fully read by Joel Clarkson. We laughed, we cried… okay, I cried… but still. these. books. are. SO. good!

If you’ve never heard of this series you can begin the journey here: The Green Ember (Also read by Joel Clarkson, win!!)

If you are ready for the last, we can’t recommend the Audible version read by Joel Clarkson highly enough.

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