Hello to you who dares to enter the unknown,

Just a little bit of an introduction before you enter my kingdom;

I am a leather crafter by trade, a woodworker, clay figures creator, a practicing board game maker, gardener, farmhand, horse-trainer in training, to sum it up: a jack o’trades is what I call myself. I’m a sword fighter, an extreme reader, history enthusiast, and all the above.

I’m the eldest of six, an older brother to five awesome, creative siblings, and son of my amazing parents. Also this year I’m finishing up twelfth-grade.

Not to long ago I got a fake tattoo, made from henna, my sister made it.

I’m a farm boy and a crafter, be it a craft out of wood, clay or putting fences up.

On a farm work never stops. Here my sister, my brother River, mama, and I are working on a local farm, that has cows, goats, sheep, chickens, lamas, alpaca, and large organic gardens .

I’m a fan of cowboy hats and lots of other cowboy things. I consider myself a modern cowboy, modern knight (by knight I mean sword fighter and a chivalrous person, not a knight who kills dragons, though I’ll do that too), and an old-time carpenter.

I have an interest in a lot of different music, though instrumental is my favorite. This playlist is called Multi-playlist, it is the combination of I think five or six different playlists, all of which are my favorites. If you look into my playlist, I hope that you enjoy it.

The playlist above is a combination of works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, and about 50 more musicians, for the most part it is an instrumental playlist. Although there is some opera singing and other vocal music, in all it is about 10% vocal I think.

Hey, did I mention that I like dressing up like the people from the 1800’s?

Thank you for visiting my page and reading about me. I am open to questions and would be interested to hear what we have in common or anything about yourself that you’d like to share with me. If you want to send a message directly to my inbox fill in the form below, I’d enjoy reading. I hope to write more at a later time, right now back to finishing my senior year!

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