Peace be with you as you listen to the Music of God!

These instrumental songs are from the heart and not read from script. I play and every emotion love, anger, joy, sadness, and fear, all join in a one song, one prayer, and one call to God (Hashem). I play to speak to Him and myself, to understand my heart, and to share my feelings. Thank you for listening to the Music of God.

When I say the title Music Of God, what I mean is, its the beauty of the sounds he put in this world, and the loveliness of the sound made by the instruments that we use.

The Flute with Nature.

This is the song of a Navajo Native American flute as directed by God through my lungs.
The Story that this tells is one of beauty, and of longing. This is my translation, what is yours?

This is the first soundtrack that I’ve put up. I am hoping to post more soundtracks and am looking forward to seeing and hearing any and all of the songs placed here.

Thank you for your time listening to these songs.

If you wish to add to the songs here, the only restrictions are that it must be; (1) from the heart, (2) instrumental. And you will need to contact me through the form above. Thank you again for listening to the beauty, to the love, and to Music of God. ~Eliezer M. Myers