Greetings and Hello. My name is River, I am a homeschool student who finds self efficiency extremely satisfactory. I am an illustrator and a designer, who enjoys using all sorts of mediums. Including such mediums as; (to name a few) pencil sketches, watercolor, inked illustrations, acrylic, and all in one. As one out of six homeschool students there are a number of studies that I am expected to complete on my own, this responsibility/privilege I have grown to enjoy.

When I was younger this responsibility was daunting and, in my opinion then, a complete waste of time. Now however due to the patience of my parents I thoroughly enjoy this privilege. I will now, on the good days, rise early, often at four-forty in the morning and work till the work is done. It (most of the time) fuels the rest of my day, helping me both creatively and intellectually.

One of my personal favorite quotes,

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

—Benjamin Franklin—

About seven years ago I came to the conclusion that everything my parents told me was true and that if they wanted me to fail they would simply stay quiet.

This point of view has guided me ever since. Gradually the correction and critique became a desire to receive. My will to learn and grow, grew so that I could take disappointments and create something far better than before.

I am an eager learner now, even when the subject holds little interest to me. I can also be labeled competitive, for I shoot for a higher goal than I may be asked. The reason? Well I prefer to be the best in the arena, not as to look down upon others but to reach the best me possible.

When it comes to a subject of study, should someone disagree with myself, I am ready to argue. Not in anger, but rather in a “battle” of wits. For it is in my opinion that the one who presents the most firmly planted facts is worthy of honor. Thus should I be beaten by firm facts, the “victor” who has helped educate us is worthy of my respect.

I also enjoy bringing someone to a place of peace. Especially when the person is constantly working hard. To see a someone light up with pure happiness and pleasure is to me worth any everything.

In many ways I have become less opinionated on how much I might or might not enjoy an activity. That is until I have participated enough to understand its many facets. This I continue to need to learn and unlearn. Learn so to be more open to ideas, unlearn because I must maintain my own opinion. That fine line that is in between the two has been difficult to reach. Even still, I tend to put my own preference away.

With my desire to please others, and my ability to put my preferences aside, I am a good candidate for the workforce. Which, in fact, is where I tend to like to be. But this too can be troublesome, if I don’t ever express my own need to rest or work on different projects. Also something I have a tendency to exercise.

In all this, a key factor is the only command given to the youth by Hashem, “Honor your Father and your Mother”. A command I am now eager to obey, but, was not always. This brings up another thing…

I am often referred to and called a Teenager, and I can’t stand it (To put it plainly). This is mainly due to how it has been presented to me. It is often attached to sudden “freedoms”, that are only truly gained through responsibility. Teenager, is a term that also seems to equate to rebellious and disrespectful. I don’t mind being called a teen as that is what I am, but I prefer to be called a young man, as that reflects the responsibility and respect I am called to.

What next? Well, so far I have related that I relish responsibility and correction, growth and corporate learning, as well as my desire to please others and offer respect. How about I explain a bit of my day to day…

Hello again, I am an avid creator to the point that I will often be lost for hours in the project of my current. I work not only in sketch books but also as a youth volunteer at the Fort Vancouver Baracks, and I am in to all sorts of little trades around the house and all about. Oh, and I write little stories with hope that Bigger stories will ultimately be finished and published.

Oh yeah most of the pictures of me in this were taken by my own personal photographer, Mrs. Raynna Myers. You have undoubtedly heard of her.

Stories As Stories Go. I can’t say that I had any intention of writing anything at all, let alone stories, but they say an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree (that statement is not entirely true, but we’ll roll with it). After seeing how easily stories were conveyed through my dad’s stories, and after years of my mom’s patience, I finally saw the good in our studies of the written language.

As it was, I had thought that writing was a waste of time, I mean drawing could communicate everything right? Well, no. At least not yet. Approximately seven years ago I began to correct this point of view, but it wasn’t till about three years ago that I fully realized how great a skill writing was. That realization came with the beginnings of one of my longest, most worked on story that is in the works. I have called this story many things, but the lasting name for it has been The Raven. It is now officially called The Raven-Out of Purnomii (per-no-m-eye)

Mo’tora Niira. (Mo-tor-ah n-eye-rah) This is a character that entered into the story only almost two years ago as a second hand character. She is now one of the only truly mattering characters. The issue with my characters is that if they are good or real enough they form an opinion with in me making the story more consistent to who they are. This is not all bad. It is a different story with Mo’tora Niira…

(Right, Kii (k-eye) an orc, in combat with a purvipii (per-vip-eye) dragon.) …Mo’tora Niira is a mischief maker, who wants in on everything. The only issue with that is that each character needs to form on their own without her. See she wishes to help and play with everyone. So as consequence I have fought to produce a finished story. That said I have developed as a writer, forming self critique and consistency, among other things.

Mo’tora Niira is Odezenies (O-dez-en-ees) for, The Raven’s Daughter. Mo’tora Niira’s original name was and is Onnielah (O-nee-lah).

(Left, “bug eyes” Kii in old Resistance uniform, “lizard man” leader of the Sharsharii a lost band of mystical lizard warriors.)

(Right, Skye of Aqi (ah-kee) reviver of the Zarii (Zar-eye) warriors)

On Arets, the earth this story takes place, there are many peoples including pirates. (Left, Hernomra a pirate that sails a large ship-of-war by herself and constantly attacks the tyrant king‘s army.)

The tyrant king, or Tyger Que (tiger qu-ay), rules over the known world under the national name ARMY. (right, Sharsharii scout)

I would like to mention one last thing. On a continent called Odazen (this is the continent the story largely takes place) all living things are two to ten times the right size. Notwithstanding there are a few exceptions like the giant thing-a-mu-bobs of the Nethrama flower fields. (yes, I am keeping those a secret.)

As for other stories, there are many I could tell. Some of the ones I have are, I am Lost and I was here. Which I will probably put on a different page. They are both short stories based on life.

Okay, other than storytelling and drawing, I am a volunteer, I enjoy the joy of others, so completing work is not only satisfying to others but also to me. I volunteer at the famed Fort Vancouver Barracks and at a local farm we discovered recently as well as in different places that I gain permission to.

Volunteering at Colibri Gardens is not only educational but also good fun as tasks often use up energy.

(Left, goat guardian Bernie and me. Below, goats that have a bunch of names I haven’t quite memorized yet and sheep)

Up till this year I have been a volunteer in saber demonstrations . This uniform I am wearing is a replica of what dragoons of the late 1800’s would have worn. I got to wear this uniform once, but it is easily my favorite uniform I have ever worn.

(Right, Dragoon uniform 2019)


If you guess that it is Abraham Lincoln, you are wrong, this is me. Interesting enough, there is a knife and a chocolate bar wrapper in this pic that you can not see. One in one hand and the other in the other.

Thanks Aunt B for this pic.

Don’t worry its me again.

I have a love for masks and if I could walk around wearing one without getting killed I would.

Lets make something so clear you can’t see past it. I am not dressed as a demon, nor anything of that sort. Rather I call myself a guardian of light.

Now, I like swords. Not the whole I idea of killing, nor of war. But as a sport of skill. The fun factor enters when two people engage in a fight and push the ability of their opponent to the limit.

Now you may think because I am in black I can’t be any guardian of light but as a defense, where is it written that good things are dressed in white? Or bad things are dressed in black? All bad things definitely look bad all the time, and all good things definitely look good all the time, right? Nope, little in life can be judged by its shell. Plus, Hashem even talks about how He will visit earth cloaked in darkness. While the enemy is cloaked is light, kinda contradictory to common conception.

So in conclusion, I am a teen who has learned many things, and am skilled in many ways. I enjoy many thing, including the contradictory, and have I learned how I am today from parents contradictory to the regime. Hashem be blessed, thank you for reading this far,


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