Here are a few of my writings…

I am Lost
By River Myers 

I am Lost, and Lost’s my name
I been ‘round since the beginning of time
I am Lost, here to bless but so often rejected 
I am Lost, and Lost is me, Lost is my name

I am Lost, and Lost’s my name
I am the thing all ye dread
For in your souls do I make my bed
I am Lost, Lost is me my name

I am Lost, the one all of society try to make quiet’ty 
I am Lost, I don’t mean to be rude but for now you are mine
I am Lost, I have taken your soul and it is mine
But I am Lost, and you are too, for the now at hand

I am Lost, defier of society stuck in their lack of propriety
I am Lost, you turn on your medias to get rid of me
But I am Lost, and you can’t get rid of me
‘Cuz to get rid of me you first have to find me but I am Lost

You are lost and so am I, let’s dwell together in harmony 
Just you wait and see I am a wondrous wonder-filled wonder
Wondering if wonder can still fill this wonder we live in
I am Lost, soon to be your blessing and your wings

I am Lost, and so are you, I don’t mean to be rude
But you are now mine, and I am yours
You can use me or ignore me but ya can’t be rid of me
‘Cuz to get rid of me you first have to find me but I am Lost

Turn on your video game, your TV, your radio
Postpone my visit if you will 
But only till the game is done or the movie over
I am Lost, king of the valley of boredom 

I am Lost, no man is strong enough to halt my conquest
I am Lost, king of the valley of boredom 
I am Lost, you cannot find me but neither can you hide from me
I am Lost, now I have you, you are mine at last

I am Lost, hated in society stuck without propriety
I am Lost, they say I am a problem and curse
But I am Lost, a blessing to those who receive me
And remember you can’t get rid of me ‘cuz I am Lost

We are now one, you and I
Together, we can feel this day 
Live like never before 

I am Lost and so are you, let us see what we can do
Well we can bake a shoe or cook our pajamas in a stew
We could watch the birds, or race the clouds
We could dance or sing, perhaps eat something 

Now I say, I have your ear listen to these words
I am a wondrous wonder wandering through this wonder 
I shall bless thee with creativity, bright ideas, and Found
Found is my bride who follows me around

Found is her name, like Lost is mine
She bings her children with her to bless you
Their names are Bright Ideas, Creativity, Understanding, and Strength 
We are here to bless you, but first you must have me

I am Lost, you get me like a good virus 
I am Lost, I will hold you for as long as you need
A nanosecond, second, minute, hour, day, or week
But if you accept me then Found will find you

We are lost, you and I, let us dance and sing
Let us toss the couch in the air, draw a dog with pig hair
Lick that boy’s face, win a hundred mile race
I am Lost, what a wonderful wonder-filled wonder I turned out to be

Let us turn the sun into a cow, eat no more pork forever now
Kick ourselves into the pool, swim like an ostrich 
Laugh at some horrible joke, invade an ant hill to see the Queen
What a wondrous wonder-filled wonder you turned out to be 

And I am Lost, the gifts of yourself are now in hand 
I am Lost, I can now go but I won’t go far 
I am Lost, I will be back ‘round so soon you can’t imagine 
I am Lost, I will be there, though you may never see me for an eternity

A nanosecond, second, minute, hour, day, or week
I am Lost and I will see you soon
‘Cuz to get rid of me you first have to find me but I am Lost
And lost am I, I am Lost, Lost is my name

You will see me soon but for now use your head while it’s yours
Lots of fun and wondrous wonders are at your hands
Just be you and I’ll be me till the end of days
I am Lost, what a wondrous wonder-filled wonder I turned out to be
I Was Here
By River Myers 

It happened on a day like yesterday,
I was happy, life was life.
Me and my family, we were together,
But my society is stuck with strife.

I remember taking the same path,
It was my favorite one.
I liked to run with the wind,
The way it felt I cant explain, it was just fun.

The feel of my feet on the pavement,
Mr. George waving from his yard.
The postman with letters to be sent,
Mrs. Shane making butter from lard.

Each day I was here,
This was my place in the world.
My corner of Georgia,
And I was content.

Life was like the breeze, it would move fast and slow, 
It would meet obstacles and find ways around.
My greatest obstacle was that I’m black,
The grandson of survivors.

I was told that I was free, 
Told that I was equal, but I am proof of that lie.
Legally free, is not freedom unless all agree,
For it was a day in the near past that I die.

Not from age or sickness,
I was healthier than normal.
But by the heartless,
Hunted as if I were an animal.

It happen on a day like yesterday,
I was here, running like normal.
I was thinking about my family,
And the men saw me, hatred filled their lungs.

There was Mr. George, he and I wave,
Hate grabbed guns, and pursued.
There goes that garden with all the flowers,
Hate jumps from the car and yells.

All I saw was their gun,
I was afraid and didn’t want to die.
I tried to escape, I just wanted to run,
A deafening sound and pain.

I fell to the earth, the pavement strangely soft,
There was unbelievable pain in my body.
My heart skipped a beat, then two,
I was there on the ground and bloody.

Then all went black, and my pain throbbed,
I was lifted from the ground all becoming bright.
I heard them snicker at the life they robbed,
But no hate could I feel, there was too much light.

Then I heard a voice say, be free, and be free of pain,
My thoughts turned to my family as pain faded.
The voice said, I am watching over them,
For some reason I knew it true.

I was now in the palace of the King, free of care,
Knowing all my loved were in his hands.
I was here long ago recently,
And I pray for the end of this continued injustice.

Part of me was left on that pavement,
My life blood was spilled for sport.
How could this have been freedom,
They might as well still buy my at a port.

God save America from this,
A living death of unjust souls.
May He bless the man of justice,
May he bless Blacks and Whites alike.

I was here, long ago recently,
Now just in memory and shadow.
If I had just one day longer,
My father, mother, brother, and sister would have it.

I was here, long ago recently,
I was here, as a past tense
I was here, free in slavery.
I was here, I was,

I was here.

In memory of Amaud Arbery, killed for running down the street. He was a 25 year old black, who had a family, and was taken from them just for being. The shooting took place February 2020, two men pursued and ganged up to remove his life from this world. What freedom is this, that we would kill just because.

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